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. and they have to navigate 33 yards. >> cris: one thing that philip rivers and norv turner do a great job of is using that motion to help them determine if it's man or zone. you can see them that time when they put somebody in motion, if there was someone trailing them, they went to their man route. if not, they went to their zone guy. but now the clock is ticking and all that back and forth on those penalties ate up precious time for the san diego chargers. >> al: at the 33. meachem and royal come to the right. floyd to the left. the pass is incomplete. he had gates over the middle and gates is screaming that he was held. no flag. >> cris: well, gates is going to give it the arm over. he is sick of this. watch this. harper is on him and he says get off of me. like a post man in basketball. he said you called me. let's call it both ways but there was no foul there. >> al: second and ten. the pass is incomplete. pressure was put on and that time, it was martez wilson who knocks rivers to the turf. rivers gets up and looks for a flag and gets none. and it's third down and ten. >> cris: marc
african workers over low wages. philip streible of rjo futures joins us on this monday morning. will we see a follow-through from that jobs number that came out on friday? > > that's a really interesting question. the reason why i bring that up is because the market reaction to the number, it was really well received. we saw the s&p 500 push up to 2007- level highs. but as the day went on, it really started to adjust the data, started looking at the larger global picture, and we saw the stock market start to pull back aggressively. so, it's going to be a tough call for the week going forward. > > we also start a new round of earnings on tuesday philip. > > i think that that's what's going to start the next major trend. alcoa comes out after the bell. generally they try not to disappoint. we are probably going to see the s&p match the previous week highs, and if it breaks through that 1477, i think we're going to shoot for 1500. > > what commodities are on your watch list for the new week? > > probably the most important one is still oil. oil is something that everybody knows about, and
means the loss of lots of jobs. >> woodruff: and jeffrey brown talks to composer philip glass about his genre-bending opera about albert einstein. >> the amazing thing is that what you see, almost everything you see has been talked about. if you look at the stage you're looking at the furniture of your imagination. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> music is a universal language but when i was in an accident i was worrieded the health care system spoke a language all its own. with united health care i got help that fit my life. information on my phone. connection to doctors to get where i'm from and tools to estimate what my care may cost. so i never miss a beat. >> we're more than 78,000 people looking out for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. united health care. >> viking river cruises. exploring the world in comfort. and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. and with the ongoing
. it describes how the firm made millions on big tobacco by helping philip morris increase its revenues in the u.s., and aiding two other tobacco titans to dominate the russian market. the article is called, "mitt romney's bain made millions on big tobacco in u.s., russia." in it, reporters jason cherkis and zach carter write -- to find out more about this story, we go to washington, d.c., where we're joined by zach carter, the senior political economy reporter at the huffington post. welcome to "democracy now!" can you talk about how you came across this story and with the key revelations are? >> became across the story -- we came across the story from a reader tip this said, you should check out what bain and company was doing in the tobacco market in the early 1990's because there is been a lot of attention paid to romley's time at bain capital, but not bain and company, which is actually bigger firm. what we found we dug through major database of tobacco documents released in conjunction with the class action suits against tobacco companies over the years was that bain and company but a spec
philip rivers. because those guys, at least philip rivers, showed the propencetive to turn it over last night. how many turnovers do you think robert griffin iii has through his six-week nfl career. >> two interceptions. >> that is correct. >> i do my research. >> a quarterback rating of 100.5, which is third best in the entire nfl and everybody is still buzzing about his heels to the field run on sunday. 76yards to the house. game on the, still rocking the pink sleep which we like for breast cancer awareness month. this play is the special type of play that some of another quarterbacks we talk about can't make. >> this is how you make your money right here. this wasn't a we're up by 0 and just padding the stats. this was a play they had to have to win the game. that is what he did. that is what makes it even more special. afterwards, they are still in a over this play. >> it was a special feeling and i'll definitely watch that. i got to prove to those guys that i still have the track speed that they've been talking about or saying i don't have. it always feels good when you can do that
study in the grand strategy course is the career of philip ii of spain and the spanish armada and the constitution with elizabeth i and philip's problem was he insisted on running the entire spanish empire himself personally. he never had time to think or sleep or anything else. that is what the new technology has pushed us into. i think we will learn in time to cope with it. the obvious answer which neither my wife nor i have mastered yet is to turn off the machine that a certain point in the day. but i think eventually we will adjust to it. in the context of these other technological changes that i have mentioned which give the appearance that history is speeding up. >> in your discussion of chekhov you noted the idea that russia was perhaps better than russian. it gave me an introspective question. it -- is america a culture? an idea? is the culture or idea of america better than americans and what do we need to do to make those two come together? >> i don't think you are getting at culture if you say it is better than people. i think culture is people. and i think the emba
important. >> host: philip auerswald, you write about the current telecommunications revolutions we're all living through and trying to understand and manage. help us. >> guest: well, okay. so first of all, we have to understand the difference between a mobile phone and a rich country. a mobile phone and most of the world. right. so before the mobile phone, only two technologies had spread as widely as the mobile phone, no technology's ever spread as rapidly as the mobile phone. the only other recent one was the radio, and arguably before that, it was fire. spread widely. what is the -- we know what mobile means and smart phones mean, but what's that mean for the majority of the world's population? well, it's the -- it's the communications highway. we built highways communication highways into places connecting people never connected before. in afghanistan, you asked about entrepreneurs, there's one named kojo for creating the after -- afghan cell phone company. we don't hear about it. why? you know, the fact that more after gaps -- afghans have more access to phones rather than reading or
. a wild game in san diego. all san diego in the first half. philip rivers back to throw. he finds is tight end. they would build a 24-0 halftime lead. that lead would not last. the broncos would be on the comeback trail. he is hit and fumbles on the play. tony carter takes it back to the house. the chargers still in the lead. philip rivers was picked off three times in the second half. 24-21. manning was on fire in the second half. calling audibles at the line of scrimmage. in the end zone. touchdown, denver. they shocked san diego on the road. what a comeback last night. >> thank you. 6:26. 47 degrees at the airport. hillary clinton is taking the blame for the attack in libya. >> we're live at city police headquarters. detectors are looking for the public's help to find a killer. >> the presidential candidates are hours away from their second are hours away from their second debate it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 jobs that depend
. for more on this i'm joined for more on this, i'm joined by philip mudd, a former c.i.a. analyst who is now with the new america foundation. and paul pillar, also a career intelligence officer with the c.i.a. he's now a professor at georgetown university. philip mudd, this is a revolution that began with shop keepers, students, cab drivers, and army deserters. but david sanger in this morning's times indicates that now a greater and greater role is being taken up by jihadis. is there a problem? >> i'm not sure i'd sail it's a greater role but they have a role they're looking for in the middle east. they're in iraq five, six, seven years ago fighting u.s. forces. they're looking for a new place to fight. i suspect a lot of syrians in the fight are saying these guys are with us for the moment. we'll sort this out if we ever take out assad. but i'm not sure i would be greatly concerned now. it's a problem. it's not a big problem yet. >> suarez: what about the report that the flow of weapons heavily favors those guys? >> look, you have a choice to make in this situation. either you focus on the
in virginia. >> and let me mention philip. philip was the first questioner of the night you may recall. he asked a question about the gasoline prices. and i pointed out they had gone from roughly about $1.86 a gallon when the president was elected to $4 a gallon and philip wanted to go up so much. the president's answer, the economy has gotten stronger. now on that basis when we have a real recovery, be he would suggest gasoline prices are going to go up to 6 or $8? this was the most classic of the nonanswers of the night. i think it's pretty clear that when it comes to his policies and his answers and agenda he's pretty much running on fumes and the american american people want real answers and a real agenda and that's why paul ryan and i will become the next president and vice president of the united states. >> we can see you have mitt romney and the president, the president in iowa and heading to ohio, ohio, ohio, ohio, and mitt romney in virginia. with two stops there today. joining me now to talk about all of this, and last night's debate, of course, former democratic senate majority
the lo of lots ofobs. c2 >> woodruf and jeffrey brown talkto composer philip glass ob his genre-ben opera out albert einstei >> the amazing thing is that what you see, almost everything you see has been talked about. if you look at the stage you're looking at the furniture of your imagination. >> woodruff: that's all aheadn tonight' newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: c2 ur >> sic is a univers languec2 c2t wi wain an acci i c2worrie the health ce em spo a lang all itsc2 c2 with uniteth cre i got lp th fit lifec2 infortion o one.c2 c2nnection too ctor too t c2ere i'm from an toolsls toto eimate w my cre co so i never miss a t.c2 >> wee more t 78,0 people looking out for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. united health care. >> viking river cruises. exploring the world in comfort. and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting sence, technology, and improved economicng ncialrmance and fi literacy in the 21st century.d and with the ongoing sup rt of these institutions and foundations. and... this program wa
of the greatest players ever. any time you pass johnny unitas, you know it's going to be one of those philip rivers shoot-out kind of a game. not inconceivable they could pull out a string. >> the chargers every year they say is this going to be the year for these guys? next sunday night. philadelphia wins 19-17 is our final score. coming up next except on the west coast, it will be your local news followed by "dateline." i'm al michaels, for cris collinsworth, michele tafoya and the crew saying good night from philadelphia. e zone, not cem of the eighth, homerun.not cem of the eighth, my p >>> right now, the a's are on the cusp, their first playoff in six years and what long-time fans are saying about the magical season. >>> and people around the bay area are looking for ways to escape the heat. we'll show you when it might cool down. >>> and a desperate search for two bay area fishermen missing at sea tonight. >>> good evening. i'm dianne dwyre. a bizarre incident on the peninsula left thousands of people stuck in traffic for hours on 101 this afternoon. tonight, traffic is getting back to
turnovers by philip rivers as the broncos came back to win. >>> baltimore ravens veteran pro bowl linebacker ray lewis will miss the remainder of the season because of a torn tricep in his right arm. >>> to baseball now where the giants beat the cardinals, 7-1 last night, knotting the series at a game apiece. giants second baseman slugged a two-run sing until a four-run fourth inning for the giants. >>> tonight, the yankees will face justin verlander in game three of the alcs. and finally, coaching great bobby knight is selling all of his three national championship rings from the time when he was at the indiana hoosiers as well as his gold medal from the 1984 olympics and various trophies, jackets, some other stuff. it's reportedly not because of financial issues, rather knight just wants to clear out some clutter. i always have that problem. all my trophies, put it on ebay. >>> here's another look at the weather with bill karins. >> it's hard to believe. he's a little different. >> my bookcase is too full. >> he beats to a different drum. let's put it that way. >> let's give you an update
threw three touchdown passes and tony carter and chris harris scored off turnovers by philip rivers. the broncos came back to win it with 35 unanswered points. >>> baltimore ravens veteran pro bowl linebacker ray lewis will miss the remainder of the season because of a torn triceps in his right arm. >>> to baseball now where the giants beat the cardinals 7-1 last night knotting the series a game apiece. giants second baseman marco scutaro took a big hit on a late slide into second by matt holliday but answered with a hit of his own. scutaro slugged a two-run single in a four-run fourth inning for the giants. >>> well, tonight the yankees down two games to none will face detroit ace justin verlander in game three of the alcs. >>> and finally, get this. coaching great bobby knight is selling all three of his national championship rings from his time with the indiana hoosiers as well as his gold medal from the 1984 olympics and various trophies, jackets, and other memorabilia. and it's reportedly not because of financial issues, rather, knight wants to clear some clutter. good clutter
after they will toward the upcoming season could be their last. >> i am angry and frustrated. i philip it is out of our hands. >> the proposal to drop the sport is mostly about saving money and staying in line with federal athletic guidelines according to the athletic director. he said the cake -- the cuts would save more though it had a thousand dollars a year. -- more than $800,000. >> these forts we spell out -- we fort are central to our mission. -- thse sports we feel are central to our mission to reports under the proposal, the school would bring back this tennis program and at college of funds to other men's and women's sports. within hours, if facebook page was up with more than 1500 members. the assistant soccer coach and former player says supporters are already organizing and helping to fight the recommendation. >> hopefully we can get the voices and voice our opinion and say we would like things to be different and hopefully they are not finalized yet. >> if approved, the cuts will go into effect after the 20122013 season. current athletes will be able to stay under scholar
. the hidden parts for a philip obama has gotten more of a word -- there ahve been parts where obama has gotten more words in. >> there are still two more debates before the election but the first one may have already held undecided voters request i am leaning towards mitt romney. the college democrats because republicans got together for tonight's event to make sure that all students were informed after this first debate. they also have diverter -- voter registration drive. >> new information about the death of a man in police custody. >> why your power bill could go up. >> a meningitis outbreak hits very close to home. the new information in tonight's medical alert. >> and warm temperatures are hanging around. so are a few showers. check out the forecast right now. 72 of >> we are following new developments to an investigation concerning the man who died after being taken into police custody for drug possession. police release the names of the three suspended officers involved in the death of anthony anderson. detectives. boyd, michael and todd stoman. anderson died of blunt force injury. fam
score. late fourth quarter, 7-6. san diego down by a point. fourth and 10 philip rivers' pass tipped incomplete. cleveland wins it's ugly but they won it and here's what it all means. the saints and broncos are playing right now. the denver loses the raiders will be in a tie for first place in the afc west. how about that? >>> the 49ers hit prime time tomorrow night against arizona. so far, all the trash talking is coming out of the cardinal locker room not the 49ers'. >> i got to make up for that this week and you know especially going against the 49ers which i hate with a passion and i can't wait do go out there and stick it to them. i know he's pitched without me a little bit. it's a rival game. >> hate is a strong word. it's a strong word. i mean they're a division opponent and obviously there's a lot of history there. we play them twice a year. great rivalry. i'm not -- hate is a word i wouldn't use. >> i'm sorry he feels that way. first off. >> is it part of the team policy for the cardinals to hit the 49ers? >> i don't know. i didn't see that rule over there. >> right there. d
, philip. next week, china begins the once in a decade handover of power and this week we are taking you to a different chinese location every day so that we can bring you a series on the challenges the new leaders will be facing. we are in shanghai, the commercial heart of the chinese economy. their growth was once seemingly unstoppable across the country, but there are now growing concerns. >> the chinese leaders could choose one image to symbolize their decade in power, this might be it. the rise of shanghai has been dazzling. the building boom has provided jobs for millions of workers, pushing the per capita income well above 2000 u.s. dollars per year. but shanghai, the symbol of modern china in another important way as well, those who are growing rich here, who pay for apartments like this one, are acutely aware that the growing wealth gap is leading to resentment and anger. >> the gap itself is getting bigger and bigger. some poor people are trying to make some sense out of it. fortunately we have a very strict and powerful government trying to control everything. >> but some econ
to pay dirt. terps up 14-0. third quarter now. uva down 17-3. here they come. philip simms, play action. finds e.j. scott in the end zone. what a catch, 20-yard score. cavaliers down seven. fourth quarter. it's now a four-point game. terps with second and goal. hills fakes and takes it himself. six yards up the gut for the touchdown. maryland wins 27-20. the terps are now 2-0 in the acc for the first time since 2001. >>> there's jim rosenfeld's h o hero, david cutcliff. blue devils 5-1 going into their game today against virginia tech. thomas looking for tony gregory, loses it. going the other way, touchdown, duke up 20-0 in blacksburg. >> but? >> but the 3-3 hokies had enough. they cut the lead to 10 in the second quarter. thomas finds a wide-open marcus davis, 42-yard score. third quarter, thomas to j.c. coleman. finds a gap, he is gone. untouched for the half the field. 45 yards it was, a td run. virginia tech its first lead of the game. hokies score 41 unanswered and beat duke 41-20. >>> heisman helpful gino smith at number five west virginia visiting texas tech. red raiders leadin
was summoned to spain to paint the king. from his capital at madrid, philip iv ruled the greatest empire in the world, with dominions stretching from the philippines to peru, but bogged down by a long war in the netherlands, the most powerful state in europe was about to slip into decline. at a time beset with uncertainty, the arts flourished. of the painters he met at philip's court, rubens was particularly impressed by one-- the young diego velazquez. velazquez was an original who would paint a classical subject like bacchus getting drunk, with a group of real peasants. velazquez first drew the court's attention with his early paintings of daily life, what we call genre paintings. they were startling pictures, depicting things never before painted, such as the precise moment at which cooking eggs solidified. like many young painters of his time, velazquez was profoundly influenced by the naturalism of the italian, caravaggio. caravaggio placed miraculous events in a familiar, naturalistic setting. velazquez fused the real and the mythological to create a new psychologically penetrating
the teacher-union fault. who is behind the movie? philip anshen. one of the top conservative donors in the country. by the way they've coproduced "waiting for superman" which also had the theme of teachers' unions, it's all their fault. if we could get rid of them and make everything private, wouldn't it be terrific? i'm not sure about it. let's look into philip anschutz. he advocates creationist in school funds anti-same-sex marriage groups, anti-environmental regulations anti-union rights. he has a financial incentive to get rid of unions and teach nonsense in our schools. what is standing in his way? teachers' unions. he's going to be much more clever than they usually are. using movies like this which is disguiseds propaganda. in the parent trigger law which would close the school out right. who is in favor of parent trigger laws? and who came up with them? alec. the american ledge stiff exchange council that is the extreme right wing group that came up stand your up with the stand your ground laws. you can see where this is coming from. when you ask parents about it, they're sa
neighborhood is taking matters into his own hands. philip tingly made this sign to put in his driveway when his kids are outside playing it reads warning, you hit my kid, you will be shot. he says he hopes the sign makes people more aware while they're driving. >> i'm he not here to hurt anybody. that is -- i'm not here to hurt anybody. that is not my intention. it is to have everyone slow down and we're good. >> neighbors have mixed feelings about the sign saying they understand why it was made but feel it might be a little bit extreme. >> maybe a little bit. >>> outrage in prince george's county after a busy highway becomes a school crossing for elementary school children. it all stems from bus transportation issues at their school. parents are demanding changes too. fox 5's bob barnard has the story this morning. >> reporter: it is the enof the school day at forest heights elementary in uke on hill and all appears to be going well but it is how the -- in oxon hill and all appears to be going well but it is how the day started that upsets parents in this community. >> it is unacceptable. i'm
to have a very, very good future if you buy the right time. liz: comical philips. one year last march you were here and you picked that. it was a loser and went down. so when you were inequities it did not do well. 25 percent. it pays a great dividends. do you still like comical philips? is there another name you would prefer now? >> above, the phillips in combination with exxon mobile. exxon mobil had a much better year. i would say that i would still look to buy it. now i would wait. i would wait to let it settle out and plateau and then i would like to buy it and buy more shares if. liz: waiting -- winning for losing. managing to make some great calls even though he, like many of you guys off -- and that is why we brought him on -- were very bearish on stocks. we will see what you do in the next sample of months. closing bell ringing in 17 minutes. he's calling for a market pullback, but he is not betting against everything. coming back after the break giving you $6 billion worth of investing advice with the top three funds he is betting on now that he truly believes will make you mone
's time for that. what i learned best was taught to me by philip aiker's father. philip had hearing problems, and i started my conference with his dad, talking down to him, i'm embarrassed to say. but i learned within about two minutes of our starting the conversation that his vocabulary was very much equal to mine. i think i had them confused with christian scientists, or at least in my- i don't know much about that, but my picture was that they had nothing to do with modern medicine, so he would not have known anything. he knew a lot, and i learned an important lesson early in my career, which was, thou shalt not talk down to anyone who's sitting in front of you. and i didn't. but years later, i met a friend who had an amish - sounding name- i don't know if i'm at liberty to say it, so i guess i won't. but let's just say freeman. and after i knew him a while, i said, "were you ever an amishman?" and he said, "yes." he was episcopal when i met him. so we talked about my experiences and about his life, and i asked him, did- were you shunned when you first left to continue your educa
. >> thank you. >> caller: my stocks are conoco-philips, at&t, energy transfer partners, etp, ely and bank of america, bc. >> let me go to work on this. ely lily, i would not sell. at&t, people suddenly like verizon more, i would not sell it, good yield, conoco-philips, nat gas comes back, they're a huge producer. bank of america, no thank you, it's a lawsuit-o-rama there. i want you to own wells fargo? why, they're buying back stock and warren buffett bought $1 billion in the last week. energy transfer partners, this is a company where the ceo will belong on the wall of shame if they do an equity offering. we've got an oil and gas play, we've got ely lilly, and let's buy some general electric because the stock is down and i think it should be bought. my charitable trust continues to buy it. ted in connecticut, please, ted? >> caller: hey, jim, good afternoon. >> good afternoon to you. >> caller: i'd like to know if i'm diversified. >> okay. >> caller: my stocks are boeing, b.a., american capital agency, agnc, acn, apple, aapl, and energy transfer partners, etp. >> okay. all right. let's g
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roar. thank you so much. [ applause ] >> welcome to the center. [applause] hello, i am philip ginsburg, the general manager of your san francisco recreation and park city apartment. i want to thank you, thank you, thank you for joining us on this great occasion. this is such a great moment for us, not only because we're opening what is arguably the best recreation center in the city and county of san francisco, but i also get to practice my chinese. [says hello in chinese] [my name is phil ginsburg in chinese] [speaking chinese] welcome to the chinese recreation center. [cheers and applause] a for effort. we're killing time. i could try to do it again. no. all right, 61 years ago, major robinson officially opened the doors to the original chinese recreation center here at washington and mason streets. in those 61 years, there have been generations of chinatown kids who have grown up playing here and who have considered this their second home, their backyard, their place to play. a safe place to meet friends, exercise, or as we like to say at the san francisco recreation and park depart
at philip burton the same year we did the program at balboa. in fact, some of those students also participated in our program as well. i know we've heard a lot about the issues that are plaguing our community. i just wanted to talk a little about some of the solutions as we move forward. one of the main things is really exposure, exposure, exposure. students really want to know how does my learning today relate to my future success. you heard a lot from our community in terms of school to career opportunities, development projects and dollars that are coming into communities because of that. there needs to be a possible option, a viable option where our students understand that the things around them will also provide them opportunities for goals. and, so, thank you for your time. i have more comments, but i felt i had to respond to supervisor cohen's statements earlier. so, thank you. >> thank you, sir. next speaker, please. >>> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. my name is ace washington better known as ace on the case. but i'm here to just really extend my appreciation to my s
philip we are doing this, taking the divisions. family were still wearing this giants cap. >> if we are still cheering? also for the east bay. east bay, the west bay. that is 14 going from nothing, to something. >> you heard it going from nothing, to something. they are down to the rangers in the fourth. one-0. as pam mentioned, they need to a victory tonight and tomorrow and they also have a spot in the playoffs but if the yankees split the series with the red sox. that would mean that there would be a home playoff advantage. at 12th inning. as we speak. it is exciting. reporting live, jim r. stone, kron 4 news. >> coming up gary will have more on the game in sports and expect san francisco to be a parking nightmare. there are a ton of e tents. we will tell you how much is going on with a ton of events. the blue angels will have live footage from the sfo. and also, mary jerry brown has details on the sfo. and also, mary jerry brown has details on the bours i don't spend money on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station wa
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